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Friday, April 3, 2015

HTC One M9 Plus leaks in new promotional materials

Ever since HTC announced their latest flagship device, the One M9, at MWC 2015 the hype has been on about possible future models and variations of the unibody handset. A lot of rumors have been floating around about the One E9, which would be in keeping with HTC's current naming convention.
Another batch of leaks has been hinting at a bigger Plus version of both the upcoming One E9, as well as the One M9. But besides the obvious increase in size and screen real estate, the alleged One M9 Plus has also been pictured with a physical home button, an oddity to see on an HTC device. Today, a new set of leaked promotional banners might confirm this hypothesis. The images clearly show a device airily similar to the One M9 and bring special attention to its round home button.

The new control looks quite similar in shape to what Samsung has been using in its handsets for quite some time now. Logic dictates that HTC has reverted to a physical button so it can include a fingerprint reader in the M9 Plus to keep up with the competition.

We definitely can't be certain if the images are legitimate or simply of a modified One M9, but with all the talk of a Plus mode, the whole thing is starting to sound more and more plausible. As far as we know, the HTC One M9 Plus might debut with two different chipsets - a MediaTek MT6795 model could cater to the Asian markets, while a Snapdragon 810 version will be sold elsewhere. The rest of the device’s rumored specs include 5.2” QHD display 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of expandable memory.

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