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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A gold-plated Apple Watch out of Vietnam costs just $1,000

The Apple Watch polarized opinions when it was officially unveiled and its pricing revealed to the public. The premium Watch Edition models, which come with a gold case, cost upwards of $10,000 with prices all the way up to $17,000.

Well, if that sounds pricier than you're willing to pay, but your status or other considerations call for a gold Apple Watch, Vietnamese luxury specialists at Karalux may have just the right solution for you. They are offering an 18K gold plating job on the Apple Watch for a mere $300 to $400, bringing the total price to $1,000.
18K gold-plated Apple Watch

That amount of cash will get you a 38mm Apple Watch with a stainless steel case covered in 18K gold, and black or white sports band. Opting for a classic buckle will cost you additional $300 for a total of $1,300. If you choose the 42mm model, the grand total reaches $1,400, still about a tenth of Apple's price tag.
Naturally, it won't be the real thing, but it's still genuine gold and at that price it's as close as it gets to what you'd call a bargain in the Apple Watch realm. How and if you can get one out of Vietnam is unclear though.

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