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Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Root SONY Xperia T3

Hello friends here i shared how to root Sony xperia T3

I remind you that i'm not responsible if anything happened wrong.
Rooting is illegal, If you root your smartphone it voids the warranty you cant claim your warranty in any of the service center.

First, you need to be on 18.1.A.2.25 :
1- allow debbug USB, and to put the scard in MSC mode

2- connect the phone to the PC, in order to have the question about allowing debug. answer yes but don't forget to tag "allways allow", because, it will not be possible to accept once you will have flashed the kernel 18.1.a.1.14.

3- shutdown the phone

4- Flash only the kernel 18.1.a.1.14 with Flashtool.

5- start the phone and connected it to PC. don't be afraid, you only see the SONY logo, and after the screen turn black. you haven't display, but the phone is well working.

6- Root the phone with RootKitXperia (last version is 20140719)

7- shutdown the phone. as you have no diplay, it's not possible to use the regular screen "shutdown", so hold the power button and the vol+ until the phone vibrate 3 times (firstly, it vibrate once, but stay holding buttons and the phone vibrate 3 times)

8- Flash only the kernel 18.1.a.2.25 with Flashtool.

9- start the phone
run SuperSu and accept upgrade.


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