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Friday, August 21, 2015

I5 Plus Smart Watch – Review

Smart watches are hot in these days. Many of us already use wearables and some also know the leading brands, like the FitBit, Jawbone, Xiaomi Mi and theYufit . However, as we already know from China wholesale webshops they will have many other alternatives. And for today we will review one of them in-depth: the I5 Plus a worthy successor of the earlier I5 and comparable with the FitBit Flex. We would not call it a smartwatch, but more like a fitness/health band.

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Easy setup
  • 30min for full charge
  • Easy firmware upgrade
  • No data loss when not synchronizing everyday
  • App IOS and android compatibility
  • Water resistance
  • Battery backup less compare to other brands(one week min)
  • Not clear how to read text messages

I5 Plus App – Zeroner

Easy to download from the apple app store or android store. But be aware! This smartwatch and app combination is only compatible with:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • iOS 7.0 or later – such as: iPhone 4S / 5 / 6, iPod touch 5
  • Must be Android 4.3 or later – such as: Samsung S4, Note 3

  • Zeroner I5 Plus App          Zeroner I5 Plus Configuration          Zeroner I5 Plus Settings         Zeroner I5 Plus - Steps Today     Zeroner I5 Plus - Steps History     Zeroner I5 Plus - Sleep Today    Zeroner I5 Plus - Sleep History

    I5 Plus – Options

  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Distance meter
  • Alarm
  • Call notification (vibration)
  • SMS notification
  • Application Notification
  • Sedentary Alert
  • Find your Phone
  • Control your camera
  • Act as a on body detection devices
  • Smart lock feature can be enabled in Lollipop devices

  • I5 Plus – Experience

    After wearing the smartwatch for two weeks I’m positively surprised. It’s lightweight and you will probably never miss a call again, the vibration is sub tile but very effective. The quality of the wristband is fine and the clasp works great. And eventually through tracking your steps a day it is confronting to see that the actual target of 10.000 steps is hard to reach (I reached it only once by walking a whole day through London city, 17k).

    I5 Plus – Positive

    It’s actually amusing to notice a call or your alarm on your vibrating wrist and it works very well, missing a call is challenging. Another thing to notice is that the watch does not need a mobile phone connection every single day to synchronize the data from former days. The watch itself keeps the data of earlier days and synchronizes when the bluetooth connection is restored. The new hype about selfies is far easier with the possibility to control the camera of your phone with your smartwatch.

    I5 Plus – Negative

    On the other hand I encountered some small issues. It seems to be possible to read your sms/whatsapp messages, but eventually I still don’t know how. I see who is sending the message, but not the actual message itself. The statement about the water resistance is still not enough for me. But I don’t have the guts to really test it out.. maybe in the future (the blog will be updated when I have the courage).

    I5 Plus – Design

    The design is plain and simple, inline with the price with no real fancy design. It’s a black (also available in RED (link) and Blue (link)) rubber wristband with an easy clasp. No fancy glitters.. The led light is blue and not adjustable. It looks fine but makes the watch somewhat geekish.

    I5 Plus – New Firmware

    At the moment of writing this review I upgraded the firmware (easy option within the app) and I noticed a big positive difference in touch reaction. The watch reacts more naturally and acts easily on finger swipes or the “I want to see the time” gesture.

    Compare Imports Conclusion

    According to price quality we conclude a big: “YES”. If you like gadgets it’s fun to have, the statistics are marginal but fun (and more fun with more history). If we compare the functions on this smartwatch with other big brands, which cost 5 times more this one is certainly a good buy. If you want to buy your first wearable, the I5 Plus is perfect to try and find out if you like the concept.

    Where to Buy?

    This review smart-watch is available in three colors at Gearbest (as a discount offer for now!):

  • i5 Plus Blue
  • i5 Plus Red
  • i5 Plus Black

  • Take a look at all smart-watches on

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