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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Xiaomi wants to sell 100 million smartphones this year

Xiaomi sure hopes its parts suppliers will be able to keep up with its growth this year. Lei Jun, the company's CEO (pictured to the left), has announced that Xiaomi plans to sell 80 to 100 million smartphones in 2015.
When you compare this to the "more than 61 million" units that it managed to move last year, it quickly becomes apparent that this mobile device maker won't stop challenging its competitors. Xiaomi's growth so far has been extremely big (especially when you factor in that it still officially operates in only a handful of markets), but the company shows no signs of stopping in 2015.
Hence, Lei Jun's hope that Xiaomi's suppliers will be able to complete the production tasks it's set for them, thus making it easier for eager customers to buy the phones.
All of this was said at Xiaomi's Global Supplier Conference which was held today in China. The smartphone maker's CEO also reiterated how his company makes a lot of efforts to ensure the effective quality control of its wares, always striving to release high quality products.

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