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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Xiaomi will unveil new product(s) on March 31

Xiaomi has wildly expanded its product range – starting with smartphones, the fast-growing company now offers TVs, Android TV boxes, headphones, battery packs and a fitness tracker. And there are more new product(s) incoming at the end of the month, March 31.
That's right product(s) – the company is teasing the readers of its teaming forum and even has them trying to guess how many new Mi products will be unveiled by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. As you can imagine, the overwhelming vote is for more than three devices.

So, will it be a new phone? Xiaomi already has the flagship Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, plus the mid-range darling, the Redmi 2. The Xiaomi Ferrari recently leaked, a 5" powerhouse, plus an ultra-cheap $65 phone is expected too. The company may even be toying with a Windows 10 handset.
There's some talk of a smartwatch too, but the Mi Band may be enough for now. There were even rumors flying around about a drone.
Xiaomi is light on tablets though, it only has the Mi Pad 7.9, which was unveiled in March last year. We may see an upgraded version or perhaps a 10.1" tablet. All of this is just speculation of course, we'll find out the real answer next Tuesday.

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