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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apple job openings suggest new focus on refining Siri

Siri is pretty great, but it’s beginning to show its age in comparison to Google Now and even Cortana in some instances. Apple seems to have a focus on making her even more powerful, at least if you consider a new batch of job openings with Cupertino.
Spotted by AppleInsider, Apple is looking for new employees to fill various spots and is seeking a development manager, a developer tools engineer, pattern recognition engineers and software engineers to work on voice technology. The development manager will work on Siri platform development and will specifically be tasked with creating “groundbreaking technology for large scale systems, spoken language, big data, and artificial intelligence.” The developer tools engineer will also work on the Siri team.
Meanwhile, Apple’s description for pattern recognition engineers suggest the right person will work on a team to “help create the next generation of pattern recognition tools and solutions for both iOS and OS X,” and who has experience with “handwriting or speech recognition systems.” Maybe we’ll see Siri on OS X, finally? Software engineers are also sought for Apple’s Natural Languages Group to work on auto-correction tech, specifically with Chinese language input.
Apple is always hiring new folks, in fact there are more than 600 jobs open with the company, but we’re fascinated to see how these folks might eventually change Siri for the better.

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