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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apple Revenues In China Soar 71% In Q2

Apple is tearing it up in China. During its second quarter, the company saw 71 percent revenue growth in the locale, and the company is widely thought to have sold more iPhones there than in the United States.
Notably, the company’s Chinese revenue came in second place to Europe’s during the first quarter, losing $17.2 billion to $16.1 billion. In the most recent quarter, the second of 2015, Apple’s Chinese revenue grew to $16.8 billion, while its European top line, measured on a sequential-quarter basis for now, fell to $12.2 billion. The company’s European revenue grew on a yearly basis, further underscoring how important China is to Apple.
Apple’s shares are up around 1.5 percent in after-hours trading as of the time of writing.
The technology company posted revenue gains in the Americas, Europe, Greater China and the ‘rest of Asia Pacific.’ Japan declined for Apple, something that should not surprise after Microsoft unloaded on the country as a slipping zone of demand.
The Apple Watch, with its high-end options, has been discussed as a potential play for the Chinese luxury market. That aside, it seems that the company has no issues selling its products in the location. As such, Watch aside, it seems that Apple has a winning formula in place.

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