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Saturday, April 25, 2015

“Decline in Nexus” hurts Nexus 6 sales

We’re big fans of the Nexus 6, but it turns out Google’s stock Android phone may not be pulling its weight in the sales department. Speaking during the company’s 2015 first quarter earnings call this week, CFO Patrick Pichette blamed a “decline in Nexus” mindshare for disappointing growth.
That includes the Nexus 9 as well, and Google noted that recent Nexus sales look particularly weak compared to the more popular Nexus 7 tablet. That doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The Nexus 6 costs about as much as a standard flagship phone, while the Nexus 5 was a bargain at just $349 off-contract. Meanwhile, the Nexus 9 starts at $399 compared to the $249 Nexus 7. It’s not hard to see why customers preferred the older devices.
Hopefully Google takes this lesson in stride and introduces a new pair of more affordable Nexus products later this year. With the company’s annual I/O conference coming up in June, it’s possible we could see a new phone or tablet announced at the event.

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