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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Xiaomi slashes Mi 4 16GB, 64GB model prices in India

This may appear as a surprise to many that Xiaomi has announced a price cut in India on its flagship model - Mi 4. There’s no festive season or special occasion in India. Effective from today, the Mi 4 16GB is now priced at INR17,999 ($289) knocked from INR19,999 ($321) and Mi 4 64GB model is priced at INR21,999 ($353) slashed from INR23,999 ($385). The discounts will be available from today onwards.
Xiaomi India head, Manu Kumar Jain confirmed that the new prices will be permanent and shall be available via Snapdeal and Amazon websites for India too.
Xiaomi is set to announce a new global smartphone in India on April 23. While there is no clarity on the upcoming device, the price cut on Mi 4 does raise an eyebrow.
But it is quite simple really. The price cuts on Mi 4 puts in a competitive position against the smartphone by the Chinese startup OnePlus. In India the OnePlus One is also selling at INR18,999 ($305) for 16GB model and INR21,999 ($353) for 64GB model.

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