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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Apple watch might come as late as May for some buyers

If you have been following the developments around Apple's smart wearable, you are surely aware of two important dates - April 10 and April 24. Preorders for the Apple Watch start tomorrow and initial units are said to ship two weeks later. As we recently mentioned, the gadget will be available for in-store pickup, but if you really want to be among the first to get your hands on one, it's all about the timing and preordering online is shaping up as a necessity.

New information, suggest that even if you time everything right and preorder your unit as early as possible, come April 24, you could be set for a major disappointment. It turns out, that on certain online retail stores, most notable in Germany and the UK, shipping dates for different Apple Watch models vary significantly and extend well into May.
This data comes from Apple's official German website, which had delivery estimates posted. It is still unclear if this was an accident or if the story is true for that matter, but a few shots of the market place, seem to have captured the delivery information, before it was taken down. Here is a synopsis of the different Apple Watch models and their expected shipping dates, according to the source:
• Apple Watch Sport: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch with modern leather bracelet: Usually ships in "4 to 6 weeks"
• Apple Watch Link Watch: Usually ships in "4 to 6 weeks"
• Apple Watch with leather strap with loop: Usually ships in "4 to 6 weeks"
• Apple Watch with classic leather strap: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch with Milanese bracelet: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch with Sport Armband: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch Edition: Usually ships "MAY"
Initially limiting walk-in purchases could have been just one of a broader set of precautions the Cupertino giant has taken to prevent severe stock shortage. In this respect, postponed deliveries, especially outside the US are a definite possibility.

So if you live outside the US and are hoping to get your hand on the new Apple Watch as soon as possible your best bet seems to be to preorder and hope for the best. Also, you might want to steer clear of Apple stores come April 24, as the launch is shaping up to be a crowd-packed mass event of Apple fans.
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