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Friday, April 3, 2015

Survey reveals Apple Pay users experience problems at checkout

A survey conducted by Phoenix Marketing International shows that two thirds of Apple Pay users encounter difficulties using the system at checkout. Out of the 3,000 surveyed with an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, 66% are using Apple Pay. Half of them reported that many locations, despite being listed as an Apple Pay partner, weren't ready to accept the payments made with the platform.
Furthermore, 48% were dissatisfied with the time it took to process a transaction and described it as too long. In some cases, transactions were run twice or were just outright incorrect. Finally, 42% of the surveyed shared that more often than not cashiers weren't familiar with the Apple Pay system altogether.
Bloomberg points out that a separate survey done by Citi Research confirms the complaints, too. Part of the reason for the problems is the shop's lack of iPhone 6 supported NFC point-of-sale terminals.
In the US, retailers will have to upgrade their non-NFC terminals to new ones, which support the wireless standard by October as per a new regulation.
In spite of the problems, Apple Pay usage increases thanks to the growth of iOS 8 adoption. Bank of America alone boasts some 1.1 million cards that are used by Apple Pay.
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