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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sony Xperia C4 gets pictured in live image leak

Just yesterday we saw a purported leaked render showing the upcoming Sony Xperia C4, and today we're treated to an alleged live image of the handset. As you can see, this is an actual photo, in which the Xperia C4 is seen in working condition.
The design we see here lines up pretty well with what the leaked render from yesterday showed us, so at this point we assume this is in fact a handset in development by Sony.
It's not the only new smartphone that Sony is currently working on - the Xperia Z4 and Z4 Ultra are probably in that situation too, along with a device that we currently know only by its codename Lavender. All of these might become official in the near future.
The Xperia C4 will be the successor to the Xperia C3, as you may have imagined. Like that phone, it too will focus on selfies, since it has a front-facing LED flash. The C4 has been codenamed Cosmos and its model number will be E53xx.
We still don't have leaked specs for the C4, but it should run Lollipop from day one, and Sony is apparently going to offer it in three colors: turquoise, white, and black. Judging by the fact that the C3 was a midranger, we assume its successor will play in the same field.

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