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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nokia plans to start selling phones as soon as next year

Nokia lost the heart of its devices business when Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services division. Since then, Microsoft has rebranded Nokia’s Lumia handsets to Microsoft devices, and we haven’t seen an official “Nokia” phone in about a year. The Finnish company has since rebounded with a new tablet, and it plans to begin selling smartphones again, too.
According to Re/code, Nokia will enter the smartphone market starting in 2016, and it also has plans to focus on emerging technologies such as virtual reality. Nokia almost certainly won’t look to Windows Phone for its products, either, though that’s what’s most familiar to consumers. We don’t know for certain, but it’s far more likely the company will power its smartphone with Android, which was also used in its recent N1 tablet. The distribution model will be different from Nokia’s business before it sold its devices sector to Microsoft, however.
Re/code said Nokia wants to “design cool products and then license the designs and Nokia brand to a company that will not only do the manufacturing, but also be responsible for sales and distribution.” That means you’ll eventually be able to pick up a Nokia phone again, though we don’t know much more about what that will entail. Hopefully we hear more on that front during the next year.

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