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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Google’s “Project Fi” wireless carrier plans revealed in leak

google-project-fiGoogle plans to operate as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in some fashion in the future, that much the company has already confirmed. However, until Tuesday morning, we have mostly been in the dark in regards to how users will interact with the service, or what it might be called. Now, thanks to an app titled “Tycho” that was found in a recent Nexus 6 image, we have more information on what the service might entail.
Android Police dug into the app and discovered that Google’s MVNO service is currently dubbed Project Fi, though it’s presumed that’s just a code name for now. Like other MVNOs, customers will likely decide how much data service they want, and will only pay for what’s used. The phone number, billing, account management and more can all be accessed from the “Tycho” application.
“Calling or texting any number in the US is free, and international calls are charged as a low rate,” Android Police explained. “This basically mirrors the deal that’s already available through Google Voice / Hangouts. Prices will probably match, as well.” Shared data appears to be an option, too, which means families can work off a single account, it seems. The code also shows that Google’s service will rely on networks operated by T-Mobile and Sprint, which matches up with earlier leaks. Finally, it appears that the Nexus 6 is the only phone that will be sold with a payment plan, though we assume other phones will be supported—just not sold—by Google.
Android Police ultimately gives the rumor a 6/10 on its confidence scale because the data came from a trusted source. Hopefully we learn more about Project Fi this year, perhaps right around Google I/O in June.

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