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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Google preps for a family-friendly Play Store

about-dff-smYouTube for Kids may have hit an early speed bump, but it looks like Google is getting ready to ramp things up with a family-friendly take on the Play Store. The company revealed its plans on Tuesday, asking developers with appropriate apps to opt-in ahead of time.
It’s unclear exactly how this family-friendly take on Google Play will work. It could be an entirely separate service (like YouTube for Kids), or just a section of the standard Android app store. Either way, the goal will be to offer a curated list of educational and child-appropriate options.
The application process asks developers to explain the target age for their app, along with whether it contains ads. Google also has strict rules for what’s allowed when it comes to advertising. The company is banning any ads that are based off the user’s personal activity, and is limiting each app to just a single ad per page.
Each app can also be listed in multiple categories, suggesting the new family-friendly Play Store could be a section inside the broader Android marketplace. We won’t know for sure until the new service get an official launch, but hopefully Google is able to avoid repeating the mistakes it made with its kid-focused YouTube app.

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