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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Google “close” to launching iOS Android Wear support

It would be a pretty solid move, strategically, for Google to add in iOS support for Android Wear. And, according to a new report, that’s exactly what the company has been working on. Better yet, Google is apparently “close” to finishing up the final touches.
The Verge said that Google plans to launch a companion application that will be available for iPhone users and will allow you to sync up an Android Wear smartwatch with your iPhone. We’ve already seen hackers create their own workarounds, but this would be more official. Voice support will apparently be fully baked in, and you should still be able to reply to messages that arrive through Google’s iOS applications. However, that sort of deeper integration probably won’t work with other non-Google applications.
One major roadblock that Google might face, however, is Apple’s certification process. Cupertino can certainly block Google from launching the application inside of the iTunes App Store, putting pressure on folks to buy the Apple Watch if they want a smartwatch. Still, Apple hasn’t reacted that way toward Pebble. The Verge didn’t provide a timeline for when the support will begin to roll out.

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