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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Casper CEO Phillip Krim Is Dreaming Of Disrupt NY

Though Casper prides itself on making sure you catch some Zzz’s, Casper CEO Phillip Krim won’t be inducing any snoring come Disrupt NY in May. His company is company is targeting an industry that most consumers consider a night terror. Maybe we’ll even get him to do the interview lying in a Casper mattress. Anything could happen. It’s Disrupt!
Casper is flipping over the mattress industry by offering a direct-to-consumer product that is rapidly changing the way people shop for not just mattresses, but furniture.
The industry, which aims to give people sweet dreams but most often nightmares, thrives by severely marking up products and assuming little to no risk by not carrying inventory. But Casper thinks it’s not fair for you to pay twice as much for your mattress, and offers all the standard sizes for around half of the price you’d pay in a traditional retail outlet.
Users can sleep on it and send back the mattress if they don’t like it, and Casper handles all the packaging and shipping so that it’s easy to get in and out of your apartment or home. The whole process is a dream come true.
Casper has raised a total of $15 million across two rounds, and has paved the way for direct competitors like Tuft & Needle, as well as similar companies like Hem and Interior Define, to explore the way customers feel about making big home purchases online.
We can’t wait to learn more about it from him in May at Disrupt NY.
Dennis Crowley will join other notable Disrupt NY speakers, including Tinder’s Sean Rad, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, and Vine’s Jason Mante.
The show runs May 4-6 at the historic Manhattan Center. Tickets are still available.

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