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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Android 6.0 Muffin video imagines multi-window support

If you’ve owned any of Samsung’s recent Galaxy smartphones or tablets, you’re probably well aware of the multi-window option that allows you to run two applications side by side. It’s not a native Android feature yet, however, one artist recently created a concept video showing what that feature might look like.
The video, published by Miroslav Vitula, envisions a version of Android dubbed Android 6.0 Muffin. That’s not the official name yet, it might one day be, but the best guess right now is that it will at least start with the letter “M,” to follow “L” in Lollipop.
The video shows how a user might navigate through various open apps, and then select one to operate at the top of the screen while a second app runs at the bottom. This is the same way apps are supported in TouchWiz from Samsung, but the animations envisioned by Vitula look a bit smoother. He also imagines a new quick reply system that’s similar to iOS 8 and what third party apps already provide on Android.
We may never see this added to a future version of Android—remember, it’s just one artist’s concept—but we dig it.

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