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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Alleged Oppo R7 shows up in renders, contains traces of bezels

The upcoming Oppo bezelless flagship has been showing up in live videos lately with some consistency as to its design. However, a new render now claims that the Oppo R7 will look nothing like, instead boasting a crazy thin profile and yes, some bezels.
The design of smartphone in the image shows a marked resemblance to the iPhone 6, even down to the screen size, which the source claims to be 4.7 inches. That would be a step back from the 5.2 inches of the Oppo R5, and should raise the first flag of suspicion as to the image's authenticity.
Possibly the most striking feature is the smartphone's slim waistline, but with Oppo's history of making thin devices (the R5 briefly held the crown for thinnest smartphone), it wouldn't be all that surprising if the company tries to shave off a fraction of a millimeter in the future device.
A careful observer will notice that in the render the camera lens sits flush with the back panel, a design deemed impossible in such thin devices by industry heavyweights. That, along with multiple videos and photos of people actually holding a working bezelless device, should be enough of an indication the image we're looking at is either an artist's vision of the R7, or an entirely different device.
On the other hand while it has been assumed that the bezelless device will carry the R7 name, it hasn't exactly been set in stone. So in the end we may get both the crazy slim phone pictured above, and the other one with the display stretching from edge to edge. We'll need to play the waiting game a little while longer to find out.
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