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Friday, October 2, 2015

Nexus 5X costs €480 in Europe, £340 in the UK, ouch

We're still wheezing after yesterday's reveal that a $500 Nexus 6P that will cost €650 in Europe, now we just need to lay down after seeing the Nexus 5X prices – a $380 phone, mind you. Google Store Finland has put up the pricing info for the 5X and the 16GB model is €480. 16GB!
If you want more (which you probably do) you're looking at €500+. In the UK the 16GB model is £340. That's dangerously close to the kind of cash a Galaxy S6 32GB costs - £380 on Amazon UK (you can even find it for less), in euro the situation is pretty similar.

While the Nexus 6P is pretty great, the Nexus 5X is not that much of an upgrade over the Nexus 5. And the 5X isn’t really an expensive phone... if you're in the US at least.
Thanks for the tip, Petri!
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