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Friday, October 9, 2015

Apple is largest OEM, Android most popular mobile OS in the US

The latest US smartphone market stats for August are in, courtesy of market research firmcomScore. A total of 191.1 million people in the US own a smartphone in the three month period ending in August, resulting in a 77.1% mobile market penetration.

The analytic data shows that Apple is still the leading OEM in the US with 44.1% of the market, up 0.6 percent points from last month. It's followed by Samsung and LG with 27.4% and 9.1%, with the latter managing to grow its presence 0.9 percent points. Motorola and HTC are following with 4.7% and 3.4%, respectively.

As for smartphone platform market share, Android is still the top dog, despite a small fall from the previous three month period. Now, Android takes 51.7% of the market, while Apple is at 44.1% after a 0.6 percent point rise. Microsoft's mobile OS is down slightly and is at 2.9%.

comScore has also run an analysis on the top smartphone apps and Facebook is at the top, as it's installed on 3 out of 4 smartphones in the US. Next up is Facebook Messenger and YouTube at 59.8% and 59.5%.

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