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Saturday, March 21, 2015

OnePlus One to be available on Amazon India without invite

The Chinese startup's only existing smartphone model, the OnePlus One, is approaching a year since its announcement, and yet every opportunity to get your hands on one is a newsworthy episode. This time around the smartphone will be available on Amazon India on March 24.

No invites will be required, but supplies will be limited, although no specific number has been stated. Both versions will be up for purchase, the 16GB White Silk one costing INR18,999 ($305), while the 64GB Sandstone Black model is priced at INR21,999 ($355).
The date coincides with the company's weekly no-invite sale that takes place every Tuesday, and also happens to be the last date, when European prospect buyers will be able to get one at the current prices. Owing to the shaky positions of the Euro on the global markets, starting the following day the price of the 16GB option will be bumped from €269 to €299, while the larger storage model will set you back €349, as opposed to the €299 price tag at the moment.
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