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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Lollipop image available for Nexus 6

Last week Android 5.1 was made official and naturally made available for Google's own Nexus devices. It brought many improvements over previous Lollipop builds, including a few new features, like HD voice calls and silent mode.
The Nexus 6 was one of the handsets that benefited most from the new OS version, which brought about performance improvements and fixes to the handset. That version was distributed to users in the form of an OTA, but a quick look at Google's Factory Images page, reveals that there is now another Android 5.1 build for the same device.

According to the change log, this new software does not bring any significant changes, which is also evident from its identical version number. Instead the LMY47E build comes with a new version of the radio drivers, which signifies some tweaks and changes were made in connectivity - cellular, Wi-Fi or otherwise.
It is still unclear, whether the new Lollipop build will be distributed to users over the air. Chances are, that if it brings about some universally beneficial patch or improvement, it will seed to users. However, it might be targeted to address a very concrete issue, in which case, it will most likely be up to users to decide whether or not they want to flash it.
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