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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HTC US is promising big news tomorrow

HTC definitely captured a lot of attention at this year's MWC. Now the Taiwanese tech giant needs to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on the hype its new One M9 flagship generated. This is presumably what is going on in the US branch at the moment.

An announcement event will be held in Seattle tomorrow, March 18 and HTC is promising "big news". The event is entitled "HTC Uh-Oh Teaser" and it will most likely be the venue at which the company officially announces the release on the One M9 in the US.

The event, however, might not be so straightforward as HTC America's president Jason Mackenzie has led us to believe. In a couple of Tweets he talks about a "big surprise" about the One M9 in the US. This has led to a lot of speculations. Perhaps HTC still has a few tricks up its sleeve and has saved some news for after MWC.

Rumors have been floating around about a QHD display option for the One M9, which would definitely appeal to a lot of users and broaden the market. Or perhaps the One M9 will come with an exclusive accessory and perhaps, even a new trade-in program for the new flagship, similar to the alleged Apple endeavor we talked about earlier.
But we can't really be certain until the event takes place, tomorrow. If you are interested in what HTC has cooked-up, you can follow along with the live stream below.

There are still 20 or so hours to the presentation and until then all we can do is guess and ponder. What do you think HTC's "big news" will be?

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