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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Tools required
1.Sim card or a guitar pick of 5 pieces.
2.Double side tape
3.To much patients

step 1: Remove the sim card slot
step 2: Then start to unlock the back panel from the sim slot
stet 3: Once you unlock the back panel keep the card in between the gap else it will get lock
step 4: The slowly move the back panel from the opposite down side of volume rocker, because in the volume rocker
side we had a ribbon circuit was there for flash.
step 5: Be carefull in removing the back panel because NFC circuit was sicked with the blue silicon and the
blue silicon was sicked with back panel.force open make a damage in nfc circuit and the flash circuit.
stEp 6: Remove the camera glasS and flash circuit carefully and stick it in the new case using double side tape.
step 7: Remove the blue silicon from the old case and stick it to new one with the use of double side tape else
phone will loss rigidity.
step 8: place the back panel and press to lock

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  1. if u can provide a video tutorial .dat would be awesome.. :)