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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gold Dream thinks dragons and lions make the iPhone 6 cooler

Swiss company Golden Dream has unveiled a selection of customized iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that will satiate your thirst for gold, alligator leather, carbon fiber, skulls and dragons. As usual, prices are not for the faint of heart, but where else can you get an 18ct hand-crafted gold dragon with ruby eyes?
That's the top of the line model. The dragon is coiled in an infinity symbol and sits on alligator leather and surrounded by 24ct gold rims. The leather can be had in Deep Red, Red as well as Black. The Red dragon has green tsavorite eyes.
The Black Dragon • Red and Deep Red Dragons
If you prefer a lion, you can have one hand-painted by a French artist. This model goes for CHF 6,800 (that's $6,865 these days).
The Lion edition
Or what about a skull? It's made of 18ct gold just like the dragon and polished to a mirror finish. It's placed on alligator skin in Black or Blue.
Black Skull • Ghost Skull * Blue Skull
Other options include Ruby Ostrich leather and Black Python leather, these have no adornments. A gold-painted leather is also an option if that's your thing, all these include 24ct gold trim.
Ruby Ostrich • Black Python * Desert Gold
You can also have alligator leather in a wide variety of colors with the Desert Collection or go for Carbon Fiber in Black, Silver or Gold. The Carbon Gold edition is CHF 5,790 ($5,845) for 128GB storage, while the White Carbon edition is CHF 4,390 ($4,430).
Carbon Gold • White Carbon * Black Carbon
The Desert collection
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