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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to root WITH downgrading

How to root WITH downgrading

1) Download the Downgrade Zip (2.11.605.5 RUU>> HERE <<
md5 sum -C5FDA16925A974BBD6CD7007B2CF28F0

2) Place phone in disk drive mode

3) Place zip file on your sd card and rename to PG05IMG ( pee - gee - zero - five - eye - em - gee )

4) It must remain a zip, some people have file extensions hidden while others do not, good rule of thumb is.. when renaming a file, Windows by default does not highlight the extension if it's there, so just type PG05IMG to rename it.

5) Once done with that, unplug the phone and pull the battery

6) Re-insert the battery and replace the cover 

7) Hold VOLUME DOWN + POWER firmly until you see HBOOT "white screen"

8) You will see some scanning taking place in the top right corner, this vertical scroll bar will both scan the file for integrity and check the signature of the file. (takes about 2 min)

9) When its done it will ask you to PRESS VOL UP TO UPDATE

10) Press volume up at that time. (UP NOT DOWN!!)

11) It will take approximately 4 minutes to complete the downgrade

12) When it's done.. it will say PRESS POWER TO REBOOT

13) Press power at that time

14) Phone reboots completely wiped and back on 2.11.605.5


16) Now you can S-OFF using the traditional Revolutionary method in Post #1.

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