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Saturday, June 2, 2012

App to Backup Android Phone Contacts, Call Logs, SMS & MMS

App to Backup Android Phone Contacts, Call Logs, SMS & MMS

In a world where everything is possible with the help of applications, convergence is the way as combining many applications for backing upall your data is the need of the day and one such app which is close to this is My Backup Pro. Basically, this application empowers you to backup almost everything in your Android device, right from the Call log information to the contacts, sms, mms etc. This application gives you two modes for backing all you data, one is phone’s data can be stored in your device’s SD card or also all the info can be stored on the Online secured servers of My Backup Pro. This Android application also allows its users to backup applicationAPK install files. In the case of a lost, damaged, reset phone, or upgraded phone, users can restore the phone’s data and applications easily on the existing or new phone. Since, all the online data which is chosen to back up on the online servers is safe and secure, this is the best option you can make use of.
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As we mentioned it almost backs up everything on your device, it backups all apk files, contacts, call log, browser bookmarks, sms, mms, System settings, FM Radio stations if any, home screens, alarms, dictionary, calendar content, music playlist favorites and also various other third party softwares. The best part of this Software application is that this doesn’t slow down your Android device as this is very light on your device and consumes very less RAM.
Though there is a Free version of this application, My Backup Pro also comes with a paid version which lets you to use some additional functionalities which are not offered in the free version. Like in the paid version, there will be no Google Ads and also additionally you can Automatically schedule the backups as per your convenience. The paid app will cost around 5$ and the same can be bought from the Google Checkout or even from the Android market place. Please note that a free version of MyBackup Pro will only allow you to use the application only for 30 days and also most importantly this app supports almost all Android operating versions.

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