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Friday, June 12, 2015

HTC unveils One M9 INK limited edition inspired by body art

While sales of the 'vanilla' One M9 aren't going at all as well as HTC had hoped, the Taiwanese company is keeping itself busy by launching various limited edition versions of its flagship smartphone. Not long ago we saw a 24ct gold model in celebration of the UEFA Champions League football tournament, and today the One M9 INK has been made official.

This is a model that's inspired by body art, and was made in cooperation with British tattooist Cally-Jo and British fashion model Jourdan Dunn.
Cally-Jo has created the design of the tattoo-like engraving that's featured on the back of this limited edition release, while Jourdan Dunn will head the promotional campaign for it.
The 'tattoo' is made up of a few symbols: an eye (because it represents "strength and sincerity"), a hand (for "protection and positivity"), leaves (which apparently "show a blossom of creativity"), and the sun and moon (which represent "balance and harmony").
Unfortunately no pricing has been announced yet for the HTC One M9 INK limited edition. It's also unclear whether its release and associated promo campaign will be restricted to the UK or not. If you want to register your interest for the device, make sure you head to the Source link below.

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